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    Pet Evolving by obah


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    Pet Evolving by obah

    Post by EsterTor on Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:45 pm

    I realize we lack guides and we are working on that so here is a quick how to evolve your pet at Grade 12. It IS in the game and working.

    1) You need to upgrade your pet's GRADE not LEVEL. Highlight your pet's portrait and you will see all of his stats, one of those being grade. Another way to view this is to unequip your pet, then mouseover him in your bag to see all the stats, grade included.

    2) The fastest way to upgrade growth is to upgrade your pet's skill growth(by Training with Jades at Pet Master Ellan). If you go to Pet Tamer Totto in Sunstream, under his Celebean and Jade tab you will find many Jades that increase the growth of certain stats. There are various levels of these Jades, Minor, Normal and Excl. (Excellent or Improved). They all vary in cost of Celebeans. You can get Celebeans in various ways.

    Another way to get these upgrade gems is to level up a pet and then release him. Releasing the pet will give you a gift, which usually is one of the growth upgrade jades.

    Tip: Just leveling up one stat growth will take you a long time to achieve Grade 12 (the first time you can evolve your pet appearance) Upgrading all stat growths is a faster way to increase your pet's grade.

    3) After your pet reaches Grade 12, you can now purchase a BLUE MUSHROOM. Go to Pet Tamer Totto and under the Pet Food and Supplies tab, he has blue mushrooms. Then go to Pet Master Ellan and Train your pet with the BLUE MUSHROOM, and he will change his appearance! I understand people have been purchasing Gem Mushrooms, these ONLY change the appearance AFTER you used the BLUE MUSHROOM. We will correct the tooltips and messages to be more clear.

    Extra Notes:
    - You can change the appearance (evolve) your pet at Grade 12 and Grade 18

    - This is not a simple or quick process, it is not meant to be. If you expect to have an evolved pet within 2 weeks of open beta start, you are only setting yourself up for a dissapointment, but it is possible if you spend the time of course.

    - This has been tested and is working, if you fail, you did not read the directions, or I did not explain it well enough :\

    - If you have a pet that is Grade 12 and you purchased the Gem Mushroom instead of a Blue Mushroom, I am happy to refund you the Eera Herbs (2) and the Cost of 5 Red Mushrooms (50g)

    - You can also upgrade Grade of your pet by using his skills, but that takes awhile! You might notice you have a Grade 2 or perhaps 3 pet without upgrading any growth stats, this is why.


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